*The daily interest rate is calculated based on our experience. Actual rates may be higher or lower depending on market conditions.

Profit calculator

24BTC/ Day

Interest-free loan

For all investors involved in MHM, the Btcliving Foundation provides an interest-free loan, which is seen as the foundation's leverage for MMH participants, which must be repaid. This loan has only one funding opportunity per account, depending on the initial investment amount and investment time. That's right, everyone has it, but only the first investment can apply.

  • Loan ratio:see the icon on the right
  • Disbursement of currency:GBPT (same with GBP market, stable price)
  • Loan Use:C2C transaction withdrawal, conversion to other encrypted MMH investment
  • Repayment method:loan investment income deduction
  • Loan duration:investment income deducted to the equivalent loan amount

GBPT is the digital currency equivalent to the GBP market issued by Btcliving

Team performance award

When you share Btcliving with your friends, you will be divided into 45% of the following nine generations of daily earnings, yes, it is his every benefit! This is based on the amount of personal investment. For example, if you invest in a BIT, the ninth-generation bob under the umbrella will pay dividends of 0.1 bitcoin today, and everyone on the bob will pay dividends to 45% of the 0.1 bitcoin, assuming that the bob goes up to the nine generations. If you invest 10 bitcoins, the dividend you get = [(0.1*45%)/10]*1=0.0045BIT

  • You can use our team performance award calculator to calculate your earnings!

Dividend bonus

  • Your investment:
  • Team average investment:
  • There are several lines:
  • Your daily team dividend income:

PS: 1GBPT ≈ 1.28USD

GBPT is the digital currency equivalent to the GBP market issued by Btcliving.